R.I.P. KOLOR BLYNDE(04/08/84-12/30/08)

Hector Chavera aka Kolor Blynde passed away on December 30, 2008. He was more then just a rapper,but also my friend and like a brother to Rolando & Baby Jay. Rolando new him since he was 12 years old and received the honor to begin managing his career in late 2007 and began working on the release of his debut CD which was due out in 2009, but is currently on hold. Kolor Blynde was involved with development of teen rapping sensation Baby Jay, who several accomplishments includes becoming the first rapper to receive the Key to the City of Houston and one of the youngest voting members of the Recording Academy aka The Grammys from Texas.

Kolor Blynde had a bright future ahead of him but his legacy will continue to stay alive through the music he wrote, co-wrote, his beautiful daughter and his family. He will be forever missed but never forgotten. You can help by keeping him in your prayers and keeping his music alive.

Song on playlist "Can't Believe You're Gone" by several of his friends including BABY JAY.  Was written in Loving memory of Kolor Blynde.  Thank you for your prayers. God bless.

Kolor Blynde use to reply to all his emails so if you need more info.
please contact me.  Thank you for your prayers and God bless.  

Thank you,
CEO of Roland Entertainment
Artists & Brand Manager
(Kolor Blynde, Baby Jay, & David Enriquez)